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Gd's are the only exceptions

In essence, I've been away from runningescape for OSRS gold for sale about a year, perhaps a bit longer, though I did log in at times. I'm returning full-time and have renewed my membership and am hoping to continue the place I had left off (getting access to the quest cape). Recently, I've been bored of acquiring various stats in order in order to be able to wear my quest cape again and have decided that I'd like to get some combat-training.

I'm interested in increasing att, def and str to 99 , but also range and maybe magic. I'm looking for suggestions regarding both the equipment, techniques and the best places to train. Recently, I've been in the mage-training arena for magic , and although it's slow to xp. However, the money which can be earned is an enormous draw.

The range I have no idea about, back in the days of serious play, I can remember being able to purchase an unlimited number of bone bolts, but now it's only 300 per day at the shop which is quite a hassle. Regarding att/def/str, I've trained at moss giants since I don't require food and the large bones are a great addition to praying. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. My username on rs is the same as the username I use on this site.

If you spot an gd when they are performing gd, you can drop ggs on the gd you have just discovered. If you discover an entrance with a key, you should check to see if someone has the key, and if they don't, you can lock the door. With 0 prayer you do not want to go through gd's or powerful key doors that are locked by mages, which means you'll have to wait until the team arrives.

Drop ggs at doors that cheap OSRS gold must be completed  quickly. It's not advised to drop it at the door to a key in the event that someone else has access to the keys... Don't drop it on an altar, and don't drop it in fishing or at a place to kill. Gd's are the only exceptions.

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