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#1 2021-05-08 10:21:15

Зареєстрований: 2021-05-08
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But guy I would not want to become a young teenager now

Plus it was New Horizons Items everyone, not just Esam or Hbox or Mango, everyone in pretty much every gaming community talked like the kids from South Park and worse, all your now favorite players above 20 did this.

That's why you'll hear some self censorship from everyone on twitch reason there are things we used to say that Twitch will level prohibit you for and if you are raging all your most angsty adolescent anger is precisely what springs to mind when you would like to allow lose a series of insults. Being an adult is simply having the self control to never say that and say something less offensive or nothing in any way.

But guy I would not want to become a young teenager now. Our shit was just beginning to be around the world wide web back when communities have been smaller and we could go delete stuff we said or used different names for everything. Now if you are even decent at anything everyone knows who you are and screencaps any mildly offensive thing you ever state.

Man when they could have been in a number of their large level halo scrims I was in back then everyone there would be perma-cancelled.

My issue was only with the Fire Emblem franchise, as most have stated. I love Ike and I'm glad he's in, but he sure does complicate things. Fire Emblem won't get more than 3 reps unless this game has 50+ characters, and I think it's too varied a series for many of its repetitions to become blue-haired sword users. Honestly, what could simplify things was if Marth simply did not return, but he is too important to the cheap Animal Crossing Bells series and he is a veteran(for the record, I'm glad he's back, I'm only saying it'd simplify things if he was not ).

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