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Template for Runescape Poh Layout

This isn't meant to RuneScape gold be a submission for a Guide on Sal's or any other thing. This sketch is rough. It was a rough sketch that I wanted to share since it has helped me. Below is below a Template for creating a layout for the "house of your desires". I created it to help me rid myself of my frustration over my home's arrangement and chaos. Since I did not pay attention to the layout when I created my POH it was like trying to find the way to navigate through the maze. I ended up cleaning out all my spaces and then creating this template that would aid me in re-creating them. Now, I can put my rooms exactly in the order I would like them to be and also have a highly efficient design.

The template works by allowing you to view the possible spaces in each Construction skill. You can then design a layout to your POH that is pleasing to the eye and simple to apply on paper.

The file can be downloaded. You can open it within Windows Paint or another comparable program to modify it on your computer. Print it and cut out the squares or cut them out by hand. Remember, you can have multiple copies of the rooms, so you may need to cut and paste (or print) additional copies of certain rooms to get the desired result.

I am still at the level 50 of construction so I don't have an dungeon. If I have committed a mistake with the location of the doors for the dungeon 2 door rooms Please let me know. I didn't know whether they were adjacent to or across from each other.

This is an example of what I designed for my first and second floors in my home: I wanted all the Chapels to be represented. Guthix is my personal favorite, his chapel can be found on the second level of my "Royal Suite". While this leaves me four rooms to build a Dungeon (if ever I desire one) I'm not planning on creating one. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future, but buy old school runescape gold this is what I invision as my RS "dream home" right now.

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